Effiziente Produktion und Einsparpotenziale in Ihrer Papierfabrik

Setzen Sie Rohstoffe, Energie, Zeit und Geld effizient ein? Wir helfen Ihnen dabei!


Do you have too much fibre loss in your reject?

Is part of your equipment overloaded with reject?

Reduce raw material and energy consumption with the same or higher production level than you currently have.With the systems and machines from GW Fasertechnik we offer you efficient stock preparation systems and optimisations of your existing plants and machines – for continuous and discontinuous operation:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Optimised and maintenance friendly equipment and wear parts for highest life-times

GW pulping, continuous and discontinuous pulper cleaning of OCC offers:

  • Energy efficient pulping with 4-6 % stock consistency in the pulper
  • Fibre loss in the pulper cleaning reject ≤ 8 %
  • Flake content in the pulper accept ≤ 6 %
  • The GW pulper and pulper cleaning system also reduces energy consumption and wearing in your coarse screening system.


discontinuous pulper cleaning 2017

Metsä Tissue Raubach, Germany

continuous pulper cleaning 2017

Solidus Solutions Coevorden, the Netherlands

and in the coarse screening system you get:

  • Operation with one pump only – independent of the number of stages
  • High stock consistency up to 4 %
  • The final GW stage saves your long and strong fibres: in comparison to competitors 1.5% less fibre loss in the coarse screening reject.