Effiziente Produktion und Einsparpotenziale in Ihrer Papierfabrik

Setzen Sie Rohstoffe, Energie, Zeit und Geld effizient ein? Wir helfen Ihnen dabei!

Cooperating with Nipman Paper Technology as Nipman North

offering for Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Poland unique measuring and control instruments as well as new technological solutions for an improved production process and improved product quality.

At this time we are promoting these unique control and measuring instruments:

Visilab AK 30
- unique and accurate hand held moister meter

Avatron Systems Microperm® on-line porosity analysis

NEW and PATENTED: The OxTube is the smartest and by its efficiency unique tool in the market, when it comes to dissolving oxygen and other gases into water or liquids

If you are inquiring from a different location, we will forward your inquiry and connect you to the right contact!