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August 2018:
GW Fasertechnik receives new order for pulper optimisation

Austrian paper maker trusts in GW Fasertechnik to

  • improve pulping results
  • reduce reject and flake content to alleviate the coarse screening system
  • increase production capacity

Project Scope:

pulper modifications, 5-wing GW pulper rotor, highly wear resistant GW pulper screen plate, start-up, result evaluation

KPNB represents GW Fasertechnik since 2013. More stock preparation optimisaton options you find on the GW Fasertechnik webpage


GW SP Pulper

UTS Products GmbH

    The UTS Separator for liquid-solid separation offers you depending on the content of the fibre containing suspension a dry substance content of 45 % or more. For example after fine  and cleaner plants. High performance. Reliable. Service friendly.
    The machine is designed to be maintenance friendly and low in wearing:

  • screen revision or screen exchange is simple and quick: loosen 4 screws, swing open, check the screen and insides, exchange if necessary within 10-15 minutes!
  • drive adapter for pressure decoupling to protect the standard gear motor
  • separation of screen and press section