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Cylinder and Roll Cleaning – while reducing web breaks, improving PM availability and operational safety?

Yes: Taprotek's Quick-Cleaner removes automatically contaminants and stickies from cylinders and rolls

Optimise your paper production process with this on-line roll-cleaning-system!

About 60 per cent of the value of a paper machine is in the rolls and cylinders. Their surfaces must be clean for optimised production results. Dirt has bad implications for capacity and quality.

Traditional cleaning methods are not ideal for all surfaces or are dangerous. Expensive and non-satisfying cleaning methods called for an innovative approach and solution. Taprotek invested in research and development, with the result of the Quick Cleaner:

Taprotek Quick Cleaner with sponge

An automated sytem for different areas and applications in the paper machines. Using the appropriate set of cleaning devices for cleaning and polishing rolls and cylinders on-line:

  • blades
  • abrasive pads
  • sponges

Taprotek Quick Cleaner with blade

The Quick Cleaner removes safely and effectively dirt from roll and cylinder surfaces. Including difficult contaminations without damaging the surfaces.

This innovation means for paper production sites:

  • saving water, chemicals, energy, time
  • higher machine availability
  • improved product quality
  • safer working

The automated cleaning and care offers actual saving potential because

  • contaminants are removed quickly and can be vacuumed locally = they are immediately removed from the production process;
  • the water consumption for cleaning can be controlled precisely;
  • less dirt = less web breaks;
  • optimised automated cleaning at difficult locations is possible;
  • no surface damages due to blades or manual cleaning.

Application areas are for examle

  • drying cylinders – stickies;
  • calender rolls – surface maintenance and haze removal;
  • press rolls – cleaning and surface maintenance;
  • wire and felt cylinders – stickies.

The Quick Cleaner summarised:

  • easy installation and operation
  • quick exchange of cleaning sets
  • compact design – fits into tight places
  • stable construction – no bending
  • no dust creation – local vacuuming
  • integrated vacuum-, water-, cleaning medium and air systems
  • non-corrosive materials
  • fully automated push-button application

Taprotek Ltd is specialised on development to reduce quality variations, improve operator safety and supports you to organise your whold paper making process sustainable and efficient.