Effiziente Produktion und Einsparpotenziale in Ihrer Papierfabrik

Setzen Sie Rohstoffe, Energie, Zeit und Geld effizient ein? Wir helfen Ihnen dabei!

The PTE Pulsation Analyzer

  • measure your headbox pressure (min, max, FFT)
  • up to 8 channels so you can measure various locations (FS, BS, piping etc.)
  • FFT: pressure values in frequency domain instead of time domain
  • find root cause of pressure pulsation (pump, filtration, piping)
  • can be also used for hydraulic pump condition monitoring

For more information and an offer on this new product please contact us directly: +49 2129 9261 395

buschmeier@kp-nb.de .

ProTest Engineering Oy

ProTest engineering Ltd. is a professional company providing comprehensive maintenance services and device modernisations mainly to pulp and paper industry. Our services include troubleshootings, process optimisations, device tunings, overhauls, device and system modernisations and start-ups.

The company operation is based on solid expertise. Our personnel has altogether a total of 45 years working experience in demanding automation, troubleshooting and customer service tasks as employees of a world-leading machine supplier. Our light organisation structure enables cost-effective, competitive, fast and flexible operation which will give full advantage to our customers.