Effiziente Produktion und Einsparpotenziale in Ihrer Papierfabrik

Setzen Sie Rohstoffe, Energie, Zeit und Geld effizient ein? Wir helfen Ihnen dabei!

Improve production process efficieny and find saving potentials in your mill with us!

There are many points where you can improve process efficiency: pulping, screening, dewatering, CD-control, head boxes, coating stations, press sections, steam boxes and, of course, in maintenance!  

Where does the shoe pinch you?! Meet experts in the industry that can help you meet more than one challenge. All our partners work in the industry for more than 20 years.

NEW: problems with dryness in machine direction? - improve dewatering of fibre containing suspensions?

Contact us for your projects and challenges in your production line and maintenanc! Make use or our expert network and partners. We will be happy to discuss your projects and topics with you.

Are you visiting any of these events in 2018, come and see KPNB and our partners:

Visit KPNB and my partners at the  ZELLCHEMING-Expo:

June 26 -28, 2018

in Frankfurt / Main, at exhibition stand E11

Visit me at the GW Fasertechnik stand at the PAP-FOR in St. Petersburg!

KPNB works since December 2012 as go-between for paper and board producers and German and Finnish suppliers and service companies.